TBHWebTech will build you a custom designed Digital Identity website platform, that supports one click registrations to grow memberships and sell products. App Logins (Facebook etc.) and Sign-Ups will also support your returning clients and vendors. Your LinkedIn Basic Platform lets you create unlimited pages and blogs. Also create custom product selling pages (on-line shopping). Specifically, you will be able to add and revise product selling pages, articles, text, photos, videos and create in-house email campaigns (Acymailing incl.) and additional email addresses whenever desired.

Main LinkedIn Basic Platform Features:

  • 1. Joomla CMS 3.9+ The very easy to use Content Management System.
  • 2. Full custom website design (including blog style template, Product style templates, basic SEO promotion, and property videos template and customer and membership sign-up template (looks))
  • 3. Unlimited Email accounts, picture and video galleries, Email forwarding, FTP accounts, sub-domains and MySQL databases.  Also send out custom Email letter campigns from entirely within your own website.
  • 4. Full cPanel Access and Support provided to your Administrator
  • 5. Unlimited Site Membership registrations and Social Media Logins included, create as many different user / membership groups as you
  • 6. GDPR, Terms of Service (TOS) and Terms of Condition (TOC) and a Privacy Policy will be custom created for your Platform and installed to your About Us menu, where required (example would be new member registrations). 1-year free domain and 1-year free SSL certificate (https) included with Annual package.
  • 7. Integration of your PayPal merchant account into the site’s shopping cart so that you collect your monies instantly from any sales you are making on your website Platform. Other payment gateways are available. Unlimited selling pages.

Social Media Integrations:

Social media integration will be added directly into your website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or G+TBHPlatformLogo users can register or login to the site using their social media credentials. For example, a Facebook user can register to the site by clicking the Facebook button in the registration module. That means they are registered to you as a unique member / user utilizing their Facebook information with just 1 click! This method will work for the same for the other media platforms. The result is to create a seamless experience for users to join or login to the site. Additionally, all the blogs, articles and videos will all have comment buttons and Twitter and Facebook Like share buttons available. Users can leave their thoughts and ideas about an article (comments) and it will post back to their Facebook page. When a site visitor presses the Facebook Like button for an article they selected, the dialog window pops up and after the user posts a comment, this will automatically connect back and post on that user’s Facebook page as part of their timeline. Now when a ‘Friend’ visit that person’s Facebook page the article and link and comment about your site shows up and the person Like or click the link they are then taken back to your website for that article. The net result of all this is that traffic and visitors are ultimately increased. More interest of visitors to your website products and services will lead them to make purchases. This increased traffic will grow virally through our detailed implementation of Social Media resources into your website. Your Digital Identity has additional menus to handle links to as many articles or blog posts as you wish to create. The purpose of which is to help the website grow and multiply quickly. We give you all the tools to make money.

Even More Resources:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ API Apps created for you (allow your site to connect to the login code of the social media platforms)
  • Social Media Registration and Login Members Module designed and implemented
  • Unlimited Forum Topics can be selected and used where desired
  • Fully linked and developed Comment system for all visitors and site members
  • YouTube Video Players integrated into the site and YouTube Video Channels and Branding for Your setup, Create unlimited Artiet or selling pages.
  • Private Instant Messaging (PIM) system is also included with the site to enabling users to full chat and message each other or message with you, the longer one stays on a website the more inclined they are to make a purchase
  • Responsive platform template design to allow responsive viewing whether accessed from a desktop, phone or tablet. Your visitors will love the look of your platform website.
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This will be an on-going effort to promote your website to search engines and improve search engine rankings and traffic

Start-up Requirements and Costs for Your Platform:

No one can provide you with all of this and more for such a low all-inclusive price. You only need $49.99 to get your TBHWebTech Digital Identity Platform started. Ongoing monthly support cost of $39.99 a month will be due. When you make your payment to us, we will send you a welcome email and a link to use the Client Upload Form on our site. There you will upload us your logos, banners, About Us history, any articles you want initially added (5 max.), videos, and other artwork. After we receive the required items from you, we will assemble and build your platform. After 7 business days, your platform is fully live, working and functional. The designed site will integrate your logo and the colors you want for your company (as much as is feasible). This special offer will only last for a short time. TBHWebTech Digital Identity helps you make $$money! Order Here

Thank You

Walter Humphries

A Few Examples: 

  1. U. S. Hip Hop Coalition, - Vigilant Promotions, -  MPLS Youth Congress
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