TBHWebTech defines the monthly services that are the integral part of your website platform. 

Your Monthly Platform Hosting Services Includes:

Full Monthly and Weekly backups done for you for your website that is hosted by us. We make sure your backups are created to be working to create a working full site restore if it ever became necessary. We fully backed up the Content Management System (CMS), the databases, content, articles, photos and videos (directly hosted videos) and links that comprise your website. We also create full working backups whenever there are CMS update or major code extensions (separate program extensions or helpers) updates and any design modifications we make for you. The backups will maintain for you are ready to fully restore your site and return it to a working status no matter the reason the site broke. We also test your backups to make sure they will work if ever they are needed.

Applying constant full time website security monitoring measures and programs.  We monitor the status of your website for any attacks by spammers, hackers and the likes. No matter where or who your website hosting company is, attacks on websites of any size almost always happen. As your hosting company we capture and log the IP address and location (including country and region of origin) of every possible type of attack made against your website. As the attacks get rejected, (because we had protective firewalls and other security measures at the site level, not just at the hosting only level as other cheaper hosting companies do) we analyze who and where the attacks come from and take proactive measures to make sure that similar future attacks are repelled. Also attacks that are repeated by the same IP address get automatically blocked after a certain number of attempts and they can’t even browse your website anymore. When a user (or hacker) repeatedly tries to login to the website with the wrong credentials we also block that person from your website. The security and functioning of your website is a constant ongoing 24 / 7 process, and TBHWebTech is totally there to keep your site protected.

We monitor your registrations, memberships, and comments made to blogs and articles on your website. We try to filter out any spam and viruses so that your website doesn’t get turned into an attack vector to use your website to launch attacks after other websites.  Most hosting companies cannot provide these type of monthly services in any kind of affordable way. You are basically on your own and the cost of having your website infected or your social media reach being totally non-existent with a different hosting company is very high. Maintaining updates to the integrated Social Media Platform CMS (Content Management System) involves a certain level of expertise that we make as part of your support services we provide to your website. It takes monitoring to keep your FB, Twitter and LinkedIn social pages in synchronization with your Platform. We make sure your Facebook and Twitter apps do not break and the app page code remains current so that your users are able to seamlessly repost any of your content to their social media pages.

Monthly Platform Support Fees

Our charges for the standard Platform. Website support and Maintenance starts at $29.99, $39.99 or $49.99 a month and go higher from there. We have provided you with the same level of service for our standard support package to just only $19.99 a month for TMTRealtyServices.com.

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