The premier membership website. This is the number 1 website for all things Hip Hop, Entertainment, Artist News, Music happenings and more. We are Hip Hop culture, education, reality. Much more than a website, your platform gives you more power than a Wordpress site and more reach than a Facebook page or profile.This platform is all about portraying your shows, different geographic areas of membership, different membership levels and subscription payment systems.

When You need a tribute site or a foundation type of not for profit program, this Platform style is the one for you.Set up fundraisers for any cause you desire. You are in total control of every aspect, from the pricing, the causes, the audience. You get to keep all the revenue (minus transaction fees of course) and everything is done totally within your platform and control.

Vigilant Promotions is an advanced platform specializing in music and music promotions. You can achieve cost effective promotions and marketing to individuals, businesses, and organizations of all categories who might be looking for alternative outlets to promote their services and/or products on a nation-wide scale.

The perfect platform tool to showcase your event, stage show or conference. Easily create different event packages for every day of your conference or entertainmwnt music festival. Ticket sales and setting up travel arrangements compliment the artist showcases for every act or speaker to appear for your events.

When you need to reach an audience all at once and all over the country. Then you need the USRad Platform with the optional 24 / 7 internet radio staion included. Only costing an additional $100.00 a month you have the perfect showcase for your radio station. Your station can show off the DJ's and their on-air schedules and much more.

If you need people to be able to upload their video stories or biographies while sharing who they would choose to make a connection with, then this site is for you. Instant messaging, profile layouts, members can upload and share their own photo albums, mp3's and more.

How to emphasize a school or learning institution as a cause to get a community or neighborhood to rally around. The Twin Cities are an activist hotspot and this Platform captures the energies and sentiments of this high school, its students, teachers and parents. You are able to directly fundraise for any cause and keep all the money. A built in GoFundMe just fro whatever you want, when you what.

If You need a way to display your music label or yourself as an artist then The Chronomusic Platform is the way to go. Currently this template design boasts an artist view rotator and comes with pre-built sections for your music related content and banner ads that will save you a lot of time and make it easier for you to get started.

Need a place to show off your educational institution? The FROne Platform is the perfect showcase for any school, training center, parent / teacher group, library or club type community organization. Your school can make cirruculums available and sign up new students plus show class sign-up availibility.

Here You will celebrate Your Business or Consulting practice. This flexible platform is designed to bring out and showcase your various skills, opinions and services that you offer. Our Consultant style is perfect for Accountants, Coaches, Bloggers, Music Artists, Authors, Attorneys, and more

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